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Top Five Things to Love About Our Newest Location

January 28, 2021

Have you heard about our newest Story Cottage at Carey Grove, Carmel planned to open in April 2021? Located at Carey Road near the corner of 86th & Washington, our residents will benefit from the beautiful nature in our new neighborhood, as well as a convenient location with easy access to healthcare. And, as always, our residents will enjoy living in a comforting home setting with premium safety features, surrounded by peers and nurturing staff. Learn about even more things you’ll love when your family chooses Story Cottage of Carey Grove. 

Quick Access to Outstanding Healthcare

Story Cottage at Carey Grove, Carmel benefits from being right around the corner from state-of-the-art healthcare resources. Both St. Vincent/Ascension Carmel and the recently updated Riverview Health Urgent Care are about five minutes away, as are numerous physicians in the Carmel area. Residents will benefit from quick trips to handle most of their medical needs. 

Convenient Carmel Location 

Carmel has been known for offering some of the best quality of life in Indiana and we are delighted to be able to bring this innovative, world-class memory care model to Carmel. We evaluated more than 50 locations in Carmel and feel that this location is ideal for local families who want the very best for their loved ones suffering from memory loss. 

Walkable Neighborhood 

Story Cottages are designed to be walkable and nestled into neighborhood areas. This provides a multigenerational feel for residents who enjoy watching people walk their dogs and families teaching their kids how to ride bikes. During pleasant summer days, the walkways around the Story Cottage at Carey Grove, Carmel are alive and vibrant with activities. 

Residents will enjoy getting to know neighbors and waving hello as they enjoy the beautiful area. It will feel like you are moving mom or dad into a new custom home, right around the corner from where they have lived for years.

Surrounded by Nature

We first fell in love with this lot when we saw the large, mature trees on it. The Cottage is nestled among maple trees that have been a part of the area for more than a hundred years.

Additionally, this site was the location where the Kinzer Family chose to operate a sugar farm when Carmel was first being settled. The local neighborhoods and our Story Cottage residents have the Kinzers to thank for the beautiful trees that welcome a variety of birds and wildlife for residents to enjoy. [Photo Credit: Carmel Clay Historical Society]

Kinzer Family- Carmel Clay Historical Society
Photo Credit: Carmel Clay Historical Society

Park-Like Setting 

The oversize lot and the extra green space that Carmel owns behind the Cottage create an idyllic setting for our residents. The Cottage will have an extensive landscaping plan and Carmel has added more than twenty trees adjacent to the house to enhance the area around our residence.

If you are interested in joining the waitlist for Story Cottage at Carey Grove, Carmel please email Carrie Cash. If you have additional questions about Story Cottage, you can schedule a complimentary consultation at 317-449-5696 or online.