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Decision Toolkit from Story Cottage

The Memory Care Decision Toolkit

What's best for you?

Moving your loved one is a life-changing transition and there is a lot to consider. We are here to support you in person, over the phone, and online with resources that help you weigh the pros and cons of your loved one receiving in-home care or finding a new one designed to meet their changing needs. You can even get some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Is this the right fit for you?

This is ultimately you and your family's decision. But if we can help you feel more informed during your decision-making process, and even more comfortable about our boutique memory care home, it would be an honor.

Why Story Cottage?

Each individual suffering from memory loss has a unique story, special things that make them who they are, and we are here to help continue to tell their story. Story Cottage is uniquely made up of 8-10 bedrooms so that your loved one gets the 1 on 1 care they need. Each of our caregivers will know your loved one's backstory and have the ability to create flourishing moments for them on a daily basis!

How We Can Help

You are probably here because you're looking for memory care near you and peace of mind. We are here to help you find it.

Maybe you're searching for the feeling of community, a sense of relief, and a chance to keep your loved one in a home environment that fits their needs as they are aging. A place that is omfortable, safe and secure, close to home, and cozy. You may have noticed it is harder to care for your loved one at home, keep track of medications, and evolve with the ever-changing dementia journey.

Begin by taking stock of your needs, what's important to you, and what would make your loved one's life richer and more fulfilling. We can help you navigate this list and see if Story Cottage is the right fit for you and your loved one.


  • Marty was a noted physician who developed Alzheimer's. His wife, Maria, said she “felt like I was always trying to keep my head above water.” They moved Marty into Story Cottage where the staff are able to stay ahead of his changing needs, and he enjoys the homelike setting. There is enough room that he can walk around, but he is safely inside the secure home. The caregivers know that Marty's favorite singer is Frank Sinatra and they play his music frequently.

    Maria says, “It is a blessing that Marty lives at Story Cottage.”
    - Maria

  • Jim's father had in-home care for a number of years. As his health needs changed, the family looked for other alternatives. Jim says, “There are so many choices. What we love about Story Cottage is that it cut through the angst of the search and matched our needs. It has proven to be a good move.” Jim is especially interested in keeping his father engaged in activities and says he feels his father is stimulated by the variety of activities provided. Most important to Jim and his family was communication.

    Jim says the staff are always giving him input on his father. “The communication is great!”
    - Jim

  • Alice cared for her mother-in-law, Joan, in her home for six years. When her needs became more than Alice could provide, she looked to Story Cottage. Alice's family wanted a small environment with a homelike setting. Alice says they were thrilled with her loved one's care at Story Cottage! In fact, when her aunt, Sandra, also needed care, they turned to Story Cottage as well. Alice says “My loved ones flourished. The staff at Story Cottage welcomed our visits and we got to meet other families, so we were all plugged in to support one another.” She continued that there are a lot of activities including music therapy, pet therapy, crafts, and exercises.

    Alice shared that the most important reason that Story Cottage was the right fit for them is “The staff … everyone … treats residents with dignity.”
    - Alice

When is it Time?

When is the best time to move after a dementia diagnosis?

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What's Included for Residents of Story Cottage

  • All Meals Provided by our private chefs
  • 24/7 Snacks
  • Fully furnished bedrooms
  • All utilities
  • Weekly housekeeping/laundry services
  • Beauty Salon Services available on-site
  • Multiple 24-hour on-site CNAs
  • Emergency Response System
  • Social, religious, educational, recreational, and wellness activities
  • Weekly fitness classes
  • Weekly nurse visits
  • Scheduled weekly activities & classes

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Costs of memory care vs nursing home

Costs of Memory Care vs. Nursing Home

Costs of memory care vs nursing home
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