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3 Ways to Introduce Memory Care to a Loved One

February 19, 2020

Are you considering the transition of a member of your family into memory care? Every situation is unique, and will take dedicated research to find the best facility for your loved one and the family members involved. Story Cottage at Meridian Hills, Indianapolis is prepared to provide state-of-the-art care and a safe environment to your loved one with memory loss, and we want to assist you in the introduction of this transition in their life.

Telling your Loved One about Memory Care

Depending on the stage of dementia, you will need to work with your family members to develop a strategy to tell your loved one about the transition. One method is to place value on what they can offer to others. You can discuss how this new location will help them meet others with whom they can share their story, both fellow patients and caregivers. Be positive as you introduce the transition, and try not to be too overly emotional when discussing it.

If possible, you may want to avoid talking about the fact that your loved one needs more help.  “Generally, by the time they need 24-hour care, people with dementia are no longer able to identify the fact that they have a problem,” says Chris Ebell, a geriatric occupational therapist and adjunct professor of programs on dementia care, quoted in Arbor’s Advice from an Expert. “So, if you suggest they can’t do something, they can get very angry. They [may] truly believe there’s nothing wrong with them.”

Choosing the Best Facility for your Situation

All facilities are different, and will offer different services. If your parent or family member is in need of special memory care, be sure that your chosen location can provide what they need to be comfortable. Perhaps you enjoy frequent family gatherings, but it is difficult for them to move around. A facility with rooms for private group events should be prioritized in order to continue traditions for your loved one and the entire family.

At Story Cottage, we are a first-of-its-kind memory care solution that will offer you peace of mind as your loved one is cared for in a comforting home with premium safety features and trained caregivers. We offer the lowest patient-to-caregiver ratio in Indianapolis at 4:1 and we provide just eight bedrooms in order to focus on quality of care. Our facility is custom designed to feel like a warm home, and we have multiple rooms for group activities.

Preparing for the Move

There are many ways that you can help ease your loved one’s transition to a memory care facility. Some of these include:

  • Prevent confusion and difficult decisions by not including your loved one in packing
  • Bring important personal items or furniture when possible for familiarity
  • Schedule the move for the best time of day for your loved one
  • Try not to announce the move too far in advance, to prevent anticipation anxiety

As you seek out a memory care facility for your loved one, please know that we are here to help. Our 25 years of experience and rigorous selection process for caregivers means that we will help your loved one transition well into our unique program. If you are interested in learning more about our Story Cottage locations at Meridian Hills, Indianapolis or Carey Grove, Carmel, you can schedule a complimentary consultation online or call us at 317-449-5696 today.