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Top 7 Dementia Blogs You Should Be Reading

August 11, 2021

Are you a family caregiver for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s? Caring for someone with memory loss can sometimes be hard to navigate, and getting advice from others who have gone before you can be a great help. Today at Story Cottage, we’re sharing our top 7 dementia blogs that you should be reading for advice, humor and a sense of feeling less alone. 

Dealing with Dementia

This blog is written by Kay H. Bransford, a caregiver for her aging parents who sought to find a better way to organize and manage their care. She has appeared in Forbes, The Dr. Oz Show and Huffington Post to educate others about her binder-based system for organizing documents, bills, care plans and more. Today, her MemoryBanc workbook allows professionals, retirees and adult caregivers the assistance needed to manage daily finances and important documents. Her blog covers a range of topics for caregivers and loved ones supporting an older adult with dementia or early onset symptoms. 

Which Me Am I Today?

In this blog, former British nurse and blogger Wendy Mitchell shares her own story of battling with dementia after being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2014. This intimate view of one person’s own experience with Alzheimer’s can be eye-opening for older adults and caregivers alike. In addition to “a day in the life” recollections, she shares heartwarming advice and nuggets of wisdom that anyone can find value in. 

Caregiver Warrior

Written by Susanne White, a caregiver for over 10 years, the Caregiver Warrior blog shares advice, specific dementia care support and addresses the emotional needs of family caregivers like herself. In addition to speaking for audiences and on podcasts, her blog tells personal stories of survival and lessons she has learned “in the trenches.” If you are a caregiver in need of a reminder that you’re not alone, check out Susanne’s blog for some inspiration, guidance and relief. 

AARP Staying Sharp Blog

Looking to learn more about memory loss and how you can support a loved one in the midst of it? Visit the Staying Sharp Blog from AARP for regular dementia blogs with education and insight about our brains during the aging process, tips to boost memory recall, advice for discussing memory care with family or your doctor, and much more. This blog is excellent for you to review together with your loved one suffering from memory loss, so that you can learn about the process together and ways that you can both be supported in the journey. 

Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog

When Linda Fisher became a caregiver to her husband with early onset Alzheimer’s she started a blog about her experiences as his primary caregiver. Though her husband, Jim, has since passed away, Linda continues to advocate for Alzheimer’s research and education, and shares daily wisdom, humorous reflections and advice about memory loss and serving as a caregiver to someone you love. 

Alzheimer’s Speaks

Founded by Lori La Bey, Alzheimer’s Speaks was created as a resource to bring a voice to those who have lost theirs through the disease. It offers easy access to services, tools and concepts for memory care professionals and family caregivers to work together in the search for more answers about the intricacies of Alzheimer’s. The blog is frequently updated with presentations, dementia blog chat videos, downloadable tips and more to support your caregiving journey.

ALZ Authors

ALZ Authors is a comprehensive collection of books and stories about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. No matter the audience or type of story you’re looking for, ALZ Authors seeks to catalog it. Looking for a children’s book to explain grandpa’s memory loss to a young child? A memoir for a loved one recently diagnosed? You can find it here. The ALZ Authors blog also releases weekly stories written by authors and bloggers who are living with dementia or serving as caregivers to further guide and support readers.

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